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 San Diego Divorce Attorney

  If you’re at the point in your life where you’re thinking about hiring a San Diego divorce attorney for divorce, child custody dispute, child support, spousal support or information about dividing assets and debts, life has become complicated. The many moving parts in a custody dispute or divorce can be overwhelming. The consequences of family court proceedings are long-lasting  so anxiety and stress can run high. As with many experiences we’ll have in life, timing is critical in family law disputes. But as you search on the internet for family law lawyers they might all look the same by now … 

What is different about this divorce lawyer?

One obvious problem for many is the high cost of family court litigation. One of the ways San Diego family lawyer Paul Staley solves the problem is no billable hours.  Paul’s clients agree to pay a fixed amount for services agreed on. Once that’s paid, the client never gets a bill for more. This doesn’t always mean the work is “cheap” – it means the cost is certain.  Paul’s clients would tell you that whatever they paid, it was a great value. Paul Staley’s law office was the first to serve divorce papers by Facebook .The wife was overseas and contact with her was nearly impossible. Paul ‘s office thought “out of the box” and requested permission  from the family court judge to serve the divorce by way of Facebook

Is this divorce law firm a good fit for you ?

There are  hundreds of divorce law firms to choose in San Diego. Every law firm will have a different outlook on how to approach your family law situation.  The clients that chose this firm know that divorce and child custody is difficult at best. It is one of  life’s most painful experiences.  They want expert advice not to make things harder for the “ex” but to make sure they did everything they could to keep their relationship with their children stable . They understand sometimes they will need to compromise ,sometimes they will need to confront. They want a divorce attorney who will listen and can keep this in balance. Paul understands how important it is for you to trust the lawyer to make the difficult easier, he will have your back . 

Solving your family law  problems :The mindset

Over the last 20 years ,this law firm  is well-known for the ability to look at the circumstances of a client’s case and quickly determine what action should or should not be taken in a  family law legal proceeding. Paul Staley realizes the importance of knowing when to boldly and immediately confront an unreasonable adversary. Just as importantly he knows when escalating a legal conflict – and the financial and emotional costs that go along with it – is unnecessary or unwise.  He lives by his reputation for intelligence, creativity, integrity and professionalism among other divorce attorney’s and with the courts. This means that your voice will be heard and your matter will be taken seriously.      

  Call us  at 619-235-9645 , for an interview with San Diego divorce attorney Paul  Staley. When you meet with him you will get substantive legal information and, concrete answers on how to move forward on your specific situation.  You’ll also receive a copy of his latest book, “The Smart Guide to Divorce”,at or Barnes and Noble. This book is intended for people to use as a road map on the unexpected, the subtle and the nuanced in the family courts you can download a sample on our website  


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