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San Diego Divorce Attorney

  If you’re at the point in your life where you’re thinking about hiring a San Diego divorce attorney for divorce, child custody dispute, child support, life has become complicated. Few of us have any prior experience with the legal ins and outs associated with this difficult process. Most people who consider hiring a divorce lawyer have this concern: Don’t make it any  worse.  This is a  law firm that understands that - conflict doesn’t always call for combat. Having decades of experience in the San Diego family courts, knowing the judges and the law helps, too.

The clients that are most satisfied working with our divorce law firm want to be in control of the process, not be controlled by the process. These people who knew that “if” their case got messy,they had a legal team that will have tried to prevent it from doing so. Our satisfied clients know we won’t escalate a family law case unless necessary. This isn’t a divorce law firm for those interested in “blood sport litigation.” There are other lawyers that might be a better fit for that.Our focus is to make a complex situation simpler. This is the law firm for people who want to “move on”  in spite of a difficult situation.

What is different about this divorce lawyer?

We’re different here. I have one goal, and one goal alone: Solve the problems presented by you, our client. One obvious problem for many is the high cost of family court litigation. One of the ways I solve this problem is no billable hours. You determine our mission. We get the job done. No matter how long it takes or how difficult it is. You will pay a set amount and never get a bill for more money. That means you and I only have to have one conversation about how much the case will cost.  It makes working together so much less stressful.

            What should you do next ?

For smart, sane and civilized help with your family law dilemma, call us 619-235-4095. For a modest fee, we will set aside forty-five minutes for an interview with myself , divorce attorney Paul  Staley. You’ll also receive a copy of my book, “The Smart Guide to Divorce”,at Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble. If you’re not ready to call yet, take time to review our video library. It is one of the most comprehensive libraries of family law questions answered by any attorney in the nation.

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