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If you’re at the point in your life where you’re thinking about hiring a San Diego divorce attorney for divorce or child custody dispute, life is complicated. The many moving parts in a custody dispute or divorce are overwhelming. The consequences of family court are long-lasting, so anxiety and stress run high. In family law disputes, as with many experiences we’ll have in life, approach is critical to the outcome.

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Your Family Attorney’s Outlook Should Match Your Own

Family law is difficult. Hiring an attorney with a different outlook on the outcome and process than yours can make things worse. Paul’s goal is to manage conflict rather than create it. His client’s understand sometimes they will need to compromise, sometimes they will need to have Paul confront on their behalf. They want a divorce attorney with considerable experience who will listen and can keep these legal strategies in balance. Paul’s legal philosophy is that skillful negotiation can get to resolution more cost effectively and with better results than relying on the blunt instruments of litigation. He will have your back.

What is different about this divorce lawyer?

It’s in how he solves problems for his divorce law clients. One problem for many is the uncertainty about the high cost of San Diego family court litigation. One of the ways San Diego family lawyer Paul Staley solves the problem is no billable hours.  Paul’s clients agree to pay a fixed amount for services agreed on. Once that’s paid, the client never gets a bill for more. It means the legal cost is certain when other things in your life aren’t.

Paul Staley’s law office was the first to serve divorce papers by Facebook. The wife was overseas and contact with her was nearly impossible. Paul ‘s office thought “out of the box” and requested permission  from the family court judge to serve the divorce by way of Facebook


Call us  at 619-235-9645.   How you proceed with this chapter of your life won’t be how anyone else has done it.There are no cookie-cutter solutions in divorce law. Paul offers an hour-long  first consultation  to help you understand your legal options for $75.00.  When you meet with him you will get substantive legal information and concrete answers on divorce law in San Diego courts .You can then move forward on your specific situation.  You’ll also receive a copy of his latest book, “The Smart Guide to Divorce”, at or Barnes and Noble.  


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